Q.Z. The Leader is an American Hip-Hop recording artist, songwriter and record producer from Biloxi, Mississippi.  Q.Z. first received recognition with 2007, following the release of his debut album Know Me B4 U Judge Me.  Moving over 1200 hard copies, pressed by hand, the buzz from the debut branded him and his crew as an independent force within the city.  In 2007, Q.Z. decided to test the waters with writing R&B.  He produced and co-wrote for J-5ive's debut LP Street Gentleman.  The album spawned the viral hits Love & Trust and Street Gentleman to name a few.  After the the album's independent success, the two decided to form a R&B/Hip-Hop collective called Tha In Crowd.  In the summer of 2011 the group recorded an EP entitled The All Black Affair.  They released their first single, Another Nite, along with a music video shortly after the release.  The single  dominated the web and blogs that summer.  The buzz Q.Z. and his partner created gained them attention from a Taiwan based  clothing company kiismet and indie major record label TMG/eOne Music.  The duo signed on with both companies soon after.  In June 2012, the Hip-Hop/R&B collective released their first indie/major effort Balance Of Power to critical acclaim.  Due to creative differences with the label, Q.Z. decided to part ways with the label and follow his own vision.


In 2013, Q.Z. Tha Leader recorded his first solo effort in 6 years.  The LP BuckCity Bank$ie Memoir$ ushered in a new era of creative control  in Q.Z.'s career.  The opus bolstered production from producers around the globe.  In the fall of 2013, Q.Z. released LP's first video Black Russian on Youtube.  The video went viral immediately racking up over 37k views in one month.  With the buzz from the video, Q.Z. was offered another clothing sponsorship deal with Bay Area clothing company company Dope Culture.  In the midst of the frenzy he also turned down another label deal to stay a pure independent artist.  With the accolades he'd received from his 2013 release.  Q.Z. felt it was time to take his career to the next level.


In the summer of 2013, the southern producer and wordsmith left his hometown in search of inspiration in the great Pacific Northwest.  He reestablished his idiosyncratic storytelling and lyricism in the great city of Portland, Oregon, which he now calls home.  Q.Z. finally pulls back the shades and opens up his life to the world.  His new artistic hub, coupled with his eccentric vision, helped shape and mold the Moments Of Genius Opus: Part 1 EP.  The opus was Q.Z.'s 3rd solo effort and originally released free via bandcamp over a year ago.  The EP was featured on over 90 blogs and spawned the viral hits Monte' Carlo and Blood Stained Chanel.  On the year anniversary of the MOGO1, the EP was finally made available at to all major retailers and streaming platforms.  The project was executive produced by CoastLiner productions producer CoDa.  


Q.Z. is set to drop Moments Of Genius Opus Part: 2 this fall.  The project will be executive produced by Q.Z. himself with the help of other Portland area musicians.  He says he's going for a "live instrumentation" feel for the follow up.  The 7 track EP will be released in the coming weeks. The self produced track, Blame Me, is the first single from the Opus.  It's available now via all major digital distributors.

Fans that have downloaded Moments Of Genius Opus: Part 1 had this to say about it:


-"i'm more of a musical person but, Q.Z. spits real lyrics on top of good music, so i'm hooked! #MOG"-Michael

-"One of the hardest projects out this year #Truestorey"-Jeffery

-"I love this album!  It is a genius production!"-Ben