About The EP

Donkey In Tha Room is a collaborative 5 song EP by Q.Z. Tha Leader and Devin James. It's a concept project that focuses on human unity, and the ability to stand tall no matter who you are. 
As uncertain times continue to give people just cause to be fearful of the future, these two MCs show the world that there still is hope...and that we should strive to keep going forward in our progress as people.
The full spectrum of emotion spans across five songs with these two touching on subjects such as being somebody's hero, the need to escape, the definition of inspiration, and the survivalist's mind- state. The project features music production by Q.Z. as the meat and potatoes, but also encompasses gifted and talented musicians from across the nation. Hip-hop gets reverted back to its fundamental stages of strong lyrical content, accompanied by the amazing vocal prowess of Briana Marion. 
While pop songs are encouraging people to dumb life down and forget, Donkey In Tha Room is giving the quiet people a chance to think, speak, and potentially sound off. As therapeutic music goes, this project will be the release therapy that most people are in need of right now.